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Special Programs at Cinecon 53

Revised Aug 8, 2017

Cinecon always screens some of the best and rarest feature films available from studios and archives from around the country. This year in addition to these great films we have decided to put together a wonderful and varied assortment of special programs. Some will be in the main theater at the Egyptian (at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard), two will be screened in the Spielberg theater, which is accessed through the lobby of the main theater, and two will will be at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Shows at the hotel and in the Spielberg will be running concurrently with films in the main theater.

For a full list of films and programs with screening times please check out our Cinecon 53 schedule page.


KINECON AT CINECON - Saturday Sep. 2 at 2:30 PM
TV shows at a film festival? Unheard of!   Not really, these live TV episodes shot on film as a kinescope are as rare as many of our films are. During a busy Saturday afternoon we will be presenting a unique program of classic TV moments on kinescope. The show will be presented in the smaller Spielberg theater which is located inside the Egyptian and will run concurrently with films in the main theater. For more on this show and to see a full list of programs being screened visit our Kinecon at Cinecon page.

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SATURDAY NITRATE FEVER Saturday Sep 2 at 7:55 PM
A great Technicolor movie with notable stars like Ray Milland, Patricia Morison and Akim Tamiroff plus two fun shorts (Leon Errol in one and Andy Clyde in the other) and top it off with a Bugs Bunny cartoon. That would be a great line-up in anybody's book. But those titles are special to us this time because they're part of our evening of nitrate films. Bugs Bunny cartoon image It's been said that because nitrate-based films have a higher silver content than modern film stocks the image has richer blacks and a sparkling sheen, with many shadows and highlights all along the grey-scale. Colors, particularly IB-Technicolor, seem richer and sharper, too. Now we'll get to see for ourselves if that's true. Only a handful of theaters across the country can screen the rare and volatile nitrate film and, since the recent remodel of their projection booth, the Egyptian theater is one of them. This screening is an extraordinary chance for our attendees to step into the past and view these films as they looked when they were shown for the first time. To read more about Untamed visit our film page

Nitrate screenings at the Egyptian are made possible through support of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Turner Classic Movies, and The Film Foundation in partnership with the American Cinematheque and the Academy Film Archive.


ANIMATION PROGRAM Saturday Sep 2 at 4:55 PM
Steve Stanchfield and his Thunderbean Animation are back with a new program of rare and unusual cartoons. It's an eclectic mix of 'toons spanning 4 decades in the art of animation starting with a 1926 Koko the clown (from a 1930 reissue print) through a 1951 Terrytoon. Animators Fleischer Bros, Ub Iwerks and Ted Eshbaugh are on display. All this and Flip the Frog too! Check out our animation page for a complete list of the cartoons being shown.

Special Program of Shorts

Every year we comb the film archives to find the best assortment of one and two reel shorts to fill out our film program. We lead into nearly every film block with a short. But this time we wanted to do a little more with these little gems so we gathered some of the films into two, for want of a better word, "festivals."

THE HAL ROACH FESTIVAL Saturday Sep 2 at 4:55 PM
Hal Roach was one of largest producers of two-reel comedy shorts and he helped make stars out of most of the performers that worked for him. We've chosen a good mix with two rarely seen films plus a new restoration of a more well-known short. We have RAT'S KNUCKLES (1925) an oddly titled comedy starring Charlie Chase, UCLA's new restoration of THE CHIMP (1932) with Laurel and Hardy and BABY BROTHER (1927) a silent OUR GANG comedy.

This presentation is a nice mix of films mostly shot in New York and all made in the 1930s. They are I KNOW EVERYBODY AND EVERYBODY'S RACKET (1933) starring Walter Winchell, Paul Whiteman, Ruth Etting, Jack Fulton and The Rhythm Boys; SCHOOL FOR SWING (1937) starring Sylvia Froos and Russ Brown; ED SULLIVAN'S HEADLINERS (1934) starring Ed Sullivan, Sid Gary and Irene Taylor; and finally TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS (1936) starring Henny Youngman, Gogo De Lys and Lew Hearn.

Other Universal shorts will be shown throughout the weekend.

Two Special Programs at the Loews Hollywood Hotel
shows will be in the 3rd floor meeting area near memorabilia show

TEA WITH LOIS - A One Act Play on DVD Friday 5:15 PM
imageWe are pleased to present an original one act play (shown on DVD) written, produced and directed by Susan Kurtz about silent film director Lois Weber.

About the play: It’s 1917 and the young women of the Hollywood Studio Club are preparing to welcome pioneering film director Lois Weber. Based on Lois’ writings and interviews in which she discusses her career as a writer and director, and as a woman working in Motion Pictures. Lois talks about her goals and problems with censorship and gives advice to the young women who are pursuing careers in the film industry. So won’t you join the young women of the Hollywood Studio Club for an afternoon of ... ”Tea with Lois”.

There will be a brief Q&A with Susan Kurtz after the play.


imageMusical historian Mark Cantor will be back with his popular program of film clips covering most all aspects of American popular music. None of the clips is available on You Tube or commercial DVD, and none was seen in last year's presentation. He's sub-titled his program "I'VE GOT THOSE 'JUST GOTTA SEE IT BUT IT AIN'T ON YOU TUBE BLUES' " - part 2   and we can't tell you any more about the show than that.

Programs listed here are subject to change without notice.

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