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Steve Stanchfield is back for Cinecon 53 with a new program of rare animation.

Animation archivist and historian Steve Stanchfield of Thunderbean Animation studios will be presenting a program of archival animation rarities. Many of these films have been scanned from original 35mm material and haven't been seen since their original release. Many of you may remember Steve from the cartoon show that he brought to us at Cinecon 51. His company, Thunderbean Animation, has compiled over a dozen archival animation DVD collections. You can find out more about these collections on their website.

This program will be in the Spielberg Theater (which is located inside the lobby of the Egyptian) on Saturday at 4:55. Here is a list of the films he will be screening:

IT'S THE CATS (1926) Fleischer Studios
Rare Koko the Clown Out of the Inkwell short, from 1930 sound 35mm Nitrate re-issue print

BUSTER BEAR (1930) Vitaphone/ McCrory Studios
This rare short hasn’t been seen since its original release. Harman/Ising won the contract with Warner Brothers, leaving this film to be forgotten until now. From the original 35mm Nitrate camera negative

FELIX AS ROMEOW (1930) Pat Sullivan Studios
The Felix cartoon series, one of the most popular cartoon characters in the 20s, only survived into the early 30s. This short, scanned from the original camera negative, shows some of the work that went into these films in that the pencil lines behind the inked characters are evident- something usually hidden by the higher contrast printing of the fine grain and dupe neg.

SAMMY SALVAGE (1945) Ted Eshbaugh
Rare World War 2 scrap metal drive short scanned from a 35mm Technicolor print.

RAGTIME ROMEO (1930) UB Iwerks/MGM/Celebrity productions
The Flip the Frog series is currently going through restoration for the Blu-ray release. Scanned from the original 35mm camera negative.

THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL (1937) Columbia/ Mintz Studio
A classic Columbia animated short. Scanned from a rare original Technicolor 35mm print.

HURRY DOCTOR! (1931) Fleischer Studios/ Texaco Gas
Rare Fleischer advertising cartoon for Texaco gas. Sadly, most of the references to Texaco have been removed from this print, the only known copy. We’ve managed to restore one of the billboards in the short.

BRIDGE TROUBLE (1940) Jam Handy/ Chevrolet
Rare advertising short for Chevrolet Dealership used cars.

Terrytoon short. Scanned from an original Technicolor print.

AN EGYPTIAN GYP (1929) Leo Britton and George Jeffry
TRare ‘Colortone’ cutout/stop motion cartoon from the small New-York based ‘Colortone’ studios, one of the first studios to experiment with color.

Rare Terrytoon from the early sound era.




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